With a Title Like This, Who Needs Content? Part Two

Wednesday - March 21, 2007

Would you like to know 1 Sure-Fire Way to Write Headlines that Will Make Even the Most Jaded Reader Pay Attention? Sorry, that was another headline, wasn’t it?! Well, bear with me, because you don’t have to pay big bucks for “Headline Creator” software, copywriting workshops or online teleconferences.

As we said yesterday, the headlines you write for your newsletter, ezine or blog do matter. It’s part of your content – and newspapers have known forever that you must grab the attention of your reader right away. They know that their readers won’t ever get to the story if they aren’t captivated by the title. They even employ “headline writers” who are professionals at grabbing your interest.

Bob Dylan understood this. If your readers aren’t captured by your headline – you ain’t goin’ nowhere:

I don’t care
How many letters they sent
Morning came and morning went
Pick up your money
And pack up your tent
You ain’t goin’ nowhere

So, without paying money – and without spending 3 hours at a deadly boring workshop where the “trainer” is really only trying to sell you on their products, how do you become a passable headline creator yourself?

The Internet is filled with valuable free information about every topic under the sun. The Internet is also filled with worthless mis-information that dresses up a whole lot like valuable information. And, here’s a dead solid rule you can follow to determine which is which.

If you get great value for free – it’s likely you are finding “information.” If you only get a sales pitch about how valuable the information will be when you pay for it, you’re likely gonna’ pay for a whole lot of “mis-information.”

Here’s a perfect example. Work with us here and log on to the blog at www.copyblogger.com.

Over on the right hand column, you’ll see a section called “Popular Articles.” One of the choices is “10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work” – and this simple free article is more jam packed with good headline writing tips than many entire 3-hour workshops.

Currently, Brian Clark (THE “copyblogger”) is writing a series of headline “re-writes” of his reader’s own headline submissions. They’re called “Headline Remix Madness – Part One” and “Headline Remix Madness – Part Two.”

In addition, on March 18 he wrote “Do These Headlines Work For You?” – where he tells why some of his readers’ headlines were pretty darn good and didn’t need any intervention on his part.

So, why would Brian Clark give away so many valuable headline writing tips for free? It’s because a guy named Seth Godin happened – and stood marketing on its head. Brian restates one of Godin’s teachings this way – “If you think you’re giving away too much information, you’re on the right track.”

Clark gives away huge amounts of great information here. Compare that to the Internet hucksters whose only real “give-away” is their promise that if you pay them you’ll get great value.

Remember those professional newspaper headline writers we mentioned earlier? Even reading every article Brian Clark ever wrote about copywriting, I’d never become a professional at this copywriting business. So if I need to hire a professional in the future – who will I call? The professional promisers? Or, this Clark guy who turned me into a pretty passable headline writer with all of his free content?

Yeah – so would you. Thank you, Seth. And thank you, Brian.


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  1. […] If you would like to view some of ON24’s video work – visit the “Demo Gallery” section of their web site. Be aware, however, that the topics and subjects are often things like “The ROI for Interaction Space in Multidisciplinary Buildings” and “Mobility TV: Simplify the Design, Implementation and Management of Your Wireless Network.” They clearly haven’t read Brian Clark’s advice about how to write compelling headlines on CopyBlogger.com. […]

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